Bariatric / Heavy Duty Equipment

Northwest medical Supplies carries variety of bariatric and heavy duty equipment. These include Hospital Beds, mattresses, Bariatric patient lifters, wheelchairs, transport chairs, recliners, scales, shower and commode chairs in many sizes, canes, quad cane, crutches, walkers and safety rollers and all other heavy duty products – in a variety of styles and weight capacities.

Bariatric Scooter

Heavy-duty scooters are big scooters designed for people who need mobility outdoors. They can be used by people who have problems walking because of obesity or other health reasons. These scooters have very heavy-duty components.

Heavy Duty Bariatric Shower Chairs

Bariatric Shower Chair is designed specifically for patients who need supportive seating during bathing or showering. It features a special cross brace that supports patient weight up to 500 pounds.

Bariatric Wheelchair

The Bariatric Wheelchairs feature 60cm self-propelling puncture-proof rear tires double-cross brace, removable desktop arms, and swing-away footplates. They are self-propelled for ease of use, and to allow the user to propel themselves around. Push handles at the back allow them to be pushed by someone else if necessary.

Heavy Duty Canes, Crutches and Quad Canes

Aluminum canes are lightweight and easy to carry around. These are great for people who need support while walking. The handles are adjustable in heightand they also come in different lengths and sizes.

Cane / quad canes

Canes are usually made of aluminum or steel. This enables the cane to hold weights of up to 500 pounds, making this an incredibly durable material designed to last a long time compared to decorative canes on the market.


Crutches are easy to use, comfortable, and provide slip resistance. They are stable enough for safe walking. Crutches come with an adjustable handle, and they are designed to be lightweight. They don’t require any assembly or tools.

Heavy Duty Beds

A bariatric bed is a big bed that accommodates large people. This makes them easier to move around in. They’re safer because they’re bigger, but they’re also more stable. They can be used for rehab or at home too.

Heavy Duty Commode

Heavy duty and bariatric toilets are great for people who weigh over 600 pounds. These toilet seats provide extra height and padding to give them greater support and comfort. With their reinforced steel construction, these toilets offer security and strength. Some models have wheels for easy movement.

Heavy Duty Geri-Chairs

Heavy duty geri chairs are ergonomically designed to add comfort to patients. Their padded arms make them ideal for use by patients who need physical support. Their four swivel casters allow them to be moved around easily when needed.

Heavy Duty Patient Lifts

A bariatric patient lift is a heavy-duty mobile or overhead lift that uses mechanical power (hydraulic, electric, or battery power) designed to accommodate a bariatric patient who may need assistance transferring from his or her bed to a wheelchair, gurney, or the toilet.

Heavy Duty Recliners

Heavy duty recliners are used for people who weigh more than 800 pounds. Patients and guests lie down comfortably in these chairs. Independent back and footrests allow them to be laid flat up to 45 degrees.

Heavy Duty Safety Rollers

This heavy-duty safety roller is designed for patients who need a walking device but can’t use their hands or legs effectively. The patient can activate the brakes by applying pressure to the handlebar.

Heavy-Duty Scales

Bariatric scale is a specialized device designed specifically for obese people. These devices can help people who have obesity by providing support and ease when moving around.

Heavy Duty Transfer Benches

Heavy duty benches that are durable and supportive with aircraft-style rivets and a patented bottom clamp. The heavy-strength blow molded seats and backs is extra strong and durable.

Heavy Duty Walkers

They’re heavier than normal walkers but still functional for people who weigh more than 200 pounds. Four-wheeled walkers have extra stability. Two-wheel walkers offer less stability but are easier to push. Three-wheel walkers are better for pushing, but take up more space. People who weigh more than 300 lbs. should use four-wheel walkers.

Heavy Duty Transport Chairs

A Bariatric aluminum chair supports individuals up to 450 lbs; this chair features 12 inches rear freewheels, swing-away footrests, and fixed padded armrests. A durable nylon-reinforced fabric upholsters offers 2 carry handles for easy transportation and storage; it also includes a lever and companion activated wheel lock mechanism for added security.