Services (Repairs, Replacement Parts, and Wheelchair Accessories)

Northwest Medical Supplies provides repair services and parts replacement. These include all the parts for your wheelchair you could possibly need to replace. Wheelchair armrests, calf pads and upholstery are available in multiple colors. Complete Wheels assembly and broken down wheels into their separate parts with low prices are available in order to save you money! Some parts are also provided in form of additional accessory. If your wheelchair does not have armrests or footrests and you would like to add them, you are at the right place! Assembly and attachment of most accessories is quick and simple. Wheelchair maintenance is also very important. This is why at Northwest Medical Supplies we offer a full line of OEM wheelchair replacement parts and wheelchair repair parts. Everything from wheelchair leg rests, wheelchair armrests, and wheelchair footrests, to wheelchair tires, wheelchair upholstery, and wheelchair hardware.
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Repairs – Services

Hospital Beds

Premium hospital beds where elegant styling meets clinical functionality. As individuals look to age-in-place and facilities look to be home-like, finding a clinical solution for both aesthetics and function can be difficult.

Lift Chairs

We offer a variety of choices of lift chairs, from size and positioning to fabric, colors and luxury features such as heating and massage.

Power Wheelchairs and Scooters

We stock a variety of power mobility and scooters from well-known brands including Pride Mobility, Merits Health Products, Drive, Quickie by Sunrise Medical, Graham Field, and Invacare wheelchairs, plus many others.

Manual Wheelchairs

Lightweight manual wheelchairs are extremely flexible, versatile, and easy to push. They provide excellent performance, durability, and maneuverability.

Walkers and Rollators

Northwest Medical offers a wide range of mobility walkers designed to provide support while enabling individuals to move independently. Our wheeled walkers and rollators are lightweight and ideal for providing stability and support during walking.

Patient Lifts

Heavy-gauge construction, Jumbo actuator pump with emergency button can switch to manual mode to lower patient down safely. Fast, easy charge from AC outlet.

Ice Therapy Machines

Soothing cold therapy reduces pain, swelling, stiffness and inflammation due to surgery, injury, post-workouts, arthritis and more

Knee and leg Walker

Rack and pinion steering allows for a 30% turning radius that allows you to easy maneuver through any situation. includes individual hand brakes that allow the user to have full control over the unit when stopping and during turns

Replacement Parts

Wheelchair Bearings

High quality bearings provide smooth operation. Synthetic lubricant extends the life of the bearings by preventing friction and wear. These bearings are specifically designed for wheel chairs.

Wheelchair Bearing Assembles

Wheel bearings are devices used to support the motion of the wheelchair’s passenger. It’s also responsible for the wheelchair’s maneuverability. A wheelchair bearing reduces the friction on the rim of the wheelchair. And this also providesconnection between the seat and the wheel of the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Button Locks

We supply wheelchair button locks and accessories for most wheelchairs. Finding the right one is a great way to cut down on your costs, saving you money without having to buy an entirely new wheelchair arm, wheelchair footrest, or anything else.

Wheelchair Grips

A unique non-slip design for comfortable gripping and reduce stability caused by hand sweat. It’s universal size, so it fits most of the wheelchairs with handlebar diameter from 7/8″ to 1″. It’s made of high quality PVC material, latex-free. And it’s easy to install without tools.

Wheelchair Caps

Different sizes of caps work for different sizes of tubes on your kick tube and front rigging of your wheelchair, but there are different measurements for different cap sizes. Be sure that you get the right size cap for the tubes on your chair.

Wheelchair Rail Glides

Seat rail glides are specially made for wheelchairs. These rails glide over the wheels and prevent them from slipping off. Wheelchair users need these rails to fold or unfold their chairs. When these rails become worn out, they stop working properly and create a risk of falling down.

Wheelchair Skirt Guard

Skirt guards help keep your skirts from being caught by the wheels of your wheelchair. These guards are almost necessary as they save you a lot of hassle.

Wheelchair Caps

Wheelchair Rail Glides

Wheelchair Skirt Guard

Detachable Wheelchair Arms

Wheelchair Armrests

Wheelchair Upholstery

Wheelchair Upholstery Hardware

Wheelchair Brakes

Wheelchair Brake Extensions

Wheelchair Handrims

Wheelchair Axles

Wheelchair Bolts

Wheelchair Nuts

Wheelchair Tires

Wheelchair Tires Pneumatic

Wheelchair Tires Polyfoam Filled

Wheelchair Heel Loops

Wheelchair Calf Pads