Hospital Beds, Pressure Prevention, and Patient Aids

The use of an electric bed in the home can increase patient independence and facilitate care in bed. Electric hospital beds allow the user to adopt comfortable positions and change positions more frequently relieving pressure points and sores.
We offer variety of hospital beds – including full electric bariatric beds, pressure reducing and gel cushions, lift assist cushions, ring inflatable and foam cushions, bedside table, air mattresses, bed set, sheepskin, plastic bed liner, bedwetting alarms, bed rails, safety rails, foam mattresses, bed wedges, and hospital bed pad. We also offer a large selection of bedding products from various manufacturers including; Bed Handlers, Inc., Healthcraft, Hermell, Humanicare International, Invacare Supply Group, Essential Medical, Mobility Transfer, Sheepskin Ranch, Span America, Val Med, and many more reputable medical manufacturers.

APP Systems

This alternating pressure overlay features an alternating cycle time of 10 minutes, along with an easy-to-use manual airflow adjustment knob and convenient, hanging bed hooks. It is an excellent starter pressure prevention device—perfect for use over a medical foam mattress and great for travel as it folds up compactly for easy transportation.

Bariatric Bed

With its larger sleeping surface, bariatric bed with 600 lbs. weight capacity offers a comfortable environment for patients who require special care. Its heavy-duty construction ensures strength and patient safety.

Low Bed

With its easy adjustment using a simple hand pendant, this low bed is easily adjustable by the user and the caregiver. It is quiet and water-resistant.

Long Term Care Beds

This bed is fully electrified and has a hand control for easy access. It can lift up to 500 pounds and can support mattresses up to 42 inches wide. It can be stored flat when not in use and is only seven inches tall.

Homecare Beds

Premium hospital beds where elegant styling meets clinical functionality. As individuals look to age-in-place and facilities look to be home-like, finding a clinical solution for both aesthetics and function can be difficult.


This bed is fully electrified and has a hand control for easy access. It can lift up to 500 pounds and can support mattresses up to 42 inches wide. It can be stored flat when not in use and is only seven inches tall.

Contoured Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair cushions are designed to support the pelvis, protect the skin from the risk of damage, and position the body so that they’re comfortable for people who use wheelchairs. They’re made from high-quality materials and are extremely customizable positioning features for maximum comfort.


Cushion provides comfort and support when sitting down for long periods of time.

Abductor Cushions

Abductor cushions securely hold the knees apart for proper hip alignment. They’re comfortable, easy to use, and available in multiple sizes so they fit everyone.

Egg Crate Overlays

A convoluted foam mattress topper can help redistribute pressure and improve circulation. It offers a cool, dry, and comfortable surface for a better night’s sleep.

Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Foam cushions provide an affordable alternative for wheelchair users. They’re not just about comfort; they also help relieve some of the constant pressure which can lead to sores and perhaps even skin breakdown.

Gel Wheelchair Cushions

Gel cushions offer an even distribution of pressure relief for people who suffer from pressure sores.

Inflatable Ring Cushions

A comfortable medical pillow can relieve hemorrhoid pain, bedsores, coccyx, tailbone pain, pilonidal cysts, perineal pain, pregnancy, childbirth. It’s suitable for wheelchair users.

AireRX Air Cushion

These cushions are designed to provide maximum comfort and support for people who experience urinary incontinence. They feature contoured foam with a waterproof coating and are available in several sizes. The SPPC model includes a small fan powered by an internal rechargeable battery.

Pillow Cushion

With its added comfort, this pillow cushion keeps you comfortably relaxed and supported during extended periods of sitting. It also helps prevent soreness in the hips from sitting too long.

Roho Air Cushions

ROHO provides cushions for everyday use, through to high-end support for managing and recovering from pressure injuries. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different body shapes and needs.

Star Air Cushions

With the enveloping qualities of Standard Air’s one compartment Neoprene cells, pressure redistribution is at its best. These cells allow for the highest flexibility, which means they keep cell deformations to an extremely low level. Available in two different heights, these cells are ideal for people who need a high degree of pressure redistribution.

Wedge Cushions

Made from high-quality foam with a memory foam top layer, this wedge cushion helps relieve pressure on your lumbar spine by providing the right sitting position. It features a cut-out design that allows for maximum comfort for those who suffer from a tender coccyx (tailbone).

Step Stools

With its strong and durable paint finish, this step stool provides a bit extra reach for people who need to get something off the top shelf.

Overbed Table

The Overbed Table has an adjustable height with the release and lock mechanism. It is also easy and effortless to roll and move around the bed.

Uplift Seat Assist

Cushions The Uplift Lift Assist is a non-electric, portable lifting chair with a pneumatic assist to gently lift or lower as much as 70 percent of the user’s body weight.

Deluxe Adjustable Alternating Pressure Overlay

Features and Benefits:
Manual air flow adjustment knob.
Alternating Cycle Time: 10 minutes.
Safety end flaps secure the pad to the mattress to prevent slipping.
Lighted On/Off switch.
Hanging bed hooks.
Medical grade fire retardant PVC.
Thickness: 11.5 gauge.
Size of pad: 35.5”W x 78.5”Lx3″H
Cord Length: 14 ft.
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
18 Month Non-Prorated.

Protekt® Aire 3600

Protekt® Aire 4600DX

Protekt® Aire 6500