Braces, Surgical Boots, Therapeutic-Diabetic Shoes

Northwest Medical Supplies features a complete line of mobility aids and ambulatory products to assist the elderly, handicapped, or disabled when daily chores and normal functioning become a challenge. You can select from our extensive selection of medical equipment such as wheeled and standard walkers, walker platforms, rollators, folding and straight canes, wide and small base quad canes, off-set canes, knee braces and immobilizers, air walkers, etc. Please check out our other website here under “other products” for details on our line of walkers and other mobility aids.

Exoform wrist brace

ExoForm wrist braces help people who suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They work as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. They also give users control over movements of wrists and hands. They are made of a high-quality plastic material covered by durable leather. This makes them comfortable to wear and long-lasting.

Foot and Ankle Braces

Foot and ankle braces protect ankles during walking by limiting certain movements and providing awareness of where your ankle joints are in space.

Equalizer Air Walker

Equalizer Air Walker is an air-filled walking boot designed to cure swelling patterns during rehabilitation. The Ultra Low Profile design prevents pressure buildup by keeping the ankle out of contact with the sole of the shoe or boot. Lightweight design allows patients to move more easily than traditional devices.

Diabetic Shoes for Men

No. 16 Sport Sprinter


With a clean and sporty design, this light-weight sneaker is the perfect blend of casual style. Featuring a water resistant, ripstop upper and elastic laces, the No. 16 is ready when you are. The perfect solemate for all your daily adventures.

No. 46 Sport Jogger


Simple yet sophisticated, this sporty style offers unrivaled comfort in a smart silhouette. With elastic laces and an easy-to-use strap closure, this will be your new go-to.

No. 22 Sport Runner


Whether you’re going for a run or running late, this athletic option has you covered. Featuring a super lightweight outsole and easy-to-use elastic laces.

No. 12 Casual Oxford


Dressed up or down, this handsome style oozes comfort and class. Your feet will feel supported in any and every situation with this casual classic.

No. 90 Trail Worker


Bilateral side-zippers make this boot incredibly easy to take on and off, but trust us, you’ll never want to take them off. All the comfort, stability and support you will ever need.

No. 44 Trail Walker


Featuring a breathable mesh and durable suede upper, this style is the perfect comfort co-pilot. From the office to the outdoors, your feet will soak-up the support and comfort they need.

No. 28 Casual Oxford


Perfect for the office and everywhere in between. Using premium leather with a hand-burnished finish, this number offers the style you want with the comfort you need.

No. 52 Casual Dress


Perfect for the office and everywhere in between. An elastic gore and adjustable strap make this sleek slip-on the ideal solemate no matter the occasion.

No. 50 Sport Trainer


A modern take on the classic sneaker. With just the right amount of detail, this is the perfect answer to your everyday comfort needs.

No. 38 Sport Walker


Classic style meets modern comfort. With just the right amount of detail, this is the perfect answer to your everyday comfort needs.

Diabetic Shoes for Women

No. 89 Trail Hiker

All-terrain stability meets all-condition comfort in this lightweight, water resistant boot. Rain or shine, these durable hiking boots offer total comfort and support for all of your adventures and lack thereof.

No. 93 Casual Sneaker

A supple leather upper elevates this sneaker from simple to sophisticated. Whether you’re running errands or taking a walk, this slip-on, everyday style provides all the comfort and support you need.

No. 47 Trail Runner

Thoughtfully designed as a cross-functional, trail style, this shoe provides style, comfort and protection. Made to perform all day, every day – on and off the trail.

No. 27 Casual Sneaker

Of the utmost quality, this endlessly versatile sneaker is the perfect balance of casual and refined. A supportive sole and leather upper transforms this classic from ordinary to extraordinary.

No. 45 Sport Jogger

Add some spring to your step with this sporty staple. The perfect solemate whether you’re headed for a walk or hopping in the car.

No. 11 Sport Trainer

The perfect number for those on the go, featuring twin gores and an adjustable strap. Slip into any situation with this cool, comfortable co-pilot.

No. 23 Sport Runner

Contemporary style and unrivaled comfort, the ideal combination whether you’re going for a run or running errands. Look good and feel good in the comfort you deserve.

No. 19 Casual Mary Jane

A fresh take on a time-tested classic. Whether you’re at your desk or out for dinner, our subtly sophisticated Mary Jane will carry you through your day in unrivaled comfort.

No. 77 Sport Double Depth

Designed to fit even the most difficult of feet, this sporty style offers even more depth than our standard options. A true amalgamation of style and comfort.

No. 91 Casual Boot

With a sophisticated ruched detail and bilateral hook-and-loop closure, this new number is as functional as it is attractive. The perfect blend of style and versatility.