Commodes and Bath Safety Equipment

Northwest Medical Supplies carries a wide variety of bathroom safety products that are designed to deliver stability and comfort. Our products include Grab Bar systems, Shower Chairs, Commodes, Raised Toilet Seat units, Bath Seat units and other accessories. Other bathroom aids include Bathtub Lifts, Transfer Bench, PVC Shower / Commode Chair, Shower Gurney and Sprayer. We also carry Tub Lifts, Bedside Bathing products, and Personal Care Products. See our Bariatric section for higher weight limits. If you have any questions please contact our customer service at 219-663-4900 and we will be happy to assist you. Please check out our other website

Standard Commode

This standard commode has a stackable design, making it easy to store. The splayed legs give it additional stability. It’s also height-adjustable and features a removable pan and lid for convenience.

Commode Accessories

Toilet accessories are designed for use on standard and tilt-in-space toilets and can be easily retrofitted to most of the commodes available today.

Transfer Benches

A transfer bench allows you to remain seated while transferring in and out of the shower. It has two legs placed inside the tub while its other two legs are placed outside the tub. The bench crosses over a bathtub wall, eliminating any need to climb into or out of the tub.

Drop- Arm Commode

Drop-Arm Commodes are designed to make lateral transfers from wheelchairs easier for both caregivers and the people who use them. They’re made of thick foam padding that doesn’t slip, even when wet.

Bath Benches and Stools

Bath benches allow seniors or people with disabilities a safe, comfortable and steady place to sit while showering. Our benches and tools feature adjustable legs so that you can customize their height specifically for their intended users.

Bath Lifts

A bath lift is essentially a removable seat that can be placed inside your tub, with a water-safe electric motor that lowers you into and raises you out of the water.

Safety Frames

With its versatile design, this unit quickly secures most toilet bowls with no tools required. It has comfortable armrests that are shaped for extra comfort and brackets that make it easy to attach to the toilet bowl.

Tub Rails

The bath rail clamp can be secured in place by tightening its locking mechanism. It prevents scratching of the tubs’ surface and ensures a secure fit. This unit is easy to install with no tools required. The grab rail also blends into any bathroom decor. It improves your bathing experience and makes cleaning easier.

Grab Bars

This grab bar is designed for both safety and practical use. It comes in three sizes (30 cm, 40 cm, and 50 cm) so you can pick the one you prefer.

Raised Toilet Seats

These toilet seat raisers provide the elderly, handicapped, and disabled, and those recovering from injury, with reliable support and safety so they can sit comfortably and safely and get up and down from the toilet easily and quickly.

PVC Gurneys

PVC Gurneys are heavy-duty and can hold up to 490 pounds. It is made of non-corrosive materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Skin Care

We offer essential skincare products for seniors.

Bedside Bathing

Bedside bathing products allow caregivers to provide daily hygiene to patients and loved ones. Bathroom products allow caregivers to provide daily hygiene to patients and loved ones.

Disinfecting / Sanitation

We offer effective and affordable cleaning and sanitation supplies for every client.

Bath Accessories

We offer a wide variety of bathroom accessories and safety products for elderly people.

Shower Sprays

This ultra-light handheld shower spray weighs in at just 1.2 pounds, including the mount and hose, for a comfortable hold that won’t strain seniors’ hands.

Drop-Arm Transport Chair Commode

Shower Chair and Commode

Drop-Arm Commode

Heavy Duty Commode with Extra Wide Seat