Diabetic Supplies, Heat Therapy,
Diagnostic & Respiratory Products

Northwest Medical Supplies provides a large variety of diabetic supplies, urinals, diagnostic products, including diabetic shoes, inserts, and stockings, glucometers and strips, pulse oximeter systems, blood pressure monitors, suction pumps, TENS units, electrode pads, in many styles and brands from various manufacturers. Our diabetic shoes include ACOR, DRZEN, DR COMFORT, PEDLITE, JUSTIN BLAIRS, and assorted brands. The shoes are custom-fitted by our experts. These pulse oximeters come in a variety of formats to suit a wide range of needs including, table top, handheld and fingertip. We carry automatic, semi-automatic and manual blood pressure monitor systems by SmartRead and Mabis (some with digital monitors, some can even say the results) that can be used on the arm or the wrist, stethoscopes in a large variety, sphygmomanometers / blood pressure monitors, laryngoscopes, otoscopes, diagnostic kits and much more.
A complete line of replacement parts for most of these items are also available. Please feel free to call our friendly customer service at 219-663-4900 for any assistance you may need.

Air Purifiers

The compact and advanced Air Filter effectively filters out harmful particles from the air. It features a powerful four-stage true HEPA filtration to remove dust, pollen, dander, tobacco smoke, pet hair, mold spores, and other pollutants. This air purifier also comes with a smart feature that helps you maintain optimal air quality. The Eco mode saves electricity by automatically switching off when there is no need for extra power. Real-time air quality monitoring displays air quality readings on both the display and the LCD panel.

Aspirator Compressors

Aspirator Parts Schuco Model 130

Bemis Suction Canisters

Canisters use a unique dual filter system that provides superior protection from an overflow or premature shutoff.

Aspirator Parts Schuco Model S – 30


This cart allows you to easily transport oxygen cylinders. You can adjust the height of the cart by changing the length of the legs.


Continuous Positive Air Pressure Therapy is a medical device used to treat sleep disorders. It helps patients by delivering a steady flow of air throughout the night. It provides a stable base with a height-adjustable frame.

Electric Heating Pads

Soothe your sore and strained muscles with a Heating Pad. It’s great for soothing arthritis pain or everyday aches. Heat pads offer three heat settings, allowing you to customize the temperature to suit your needs. The pad features a slide controller for quick operation. The lightweight and stretchy design allow it to fit comfortably into any curve of your body.

Health Soles Diabetic Socks

Therapeutic socks, health socks, compression socks, and diabetic socks have one thing in common – they all offer health benefits to maintain healthy feet.


A humidifier is a device used to increase humidity in an enclosed space. It also increases air quality by removing dust particles and other harmful pollutants.


A nebulizer is an electric-powered machine used to turn liquid medication into a mist. Nebulizers are used especially by people who suffer from asthma because it helps them breathe better.

KOOLpress Therapy

KoolPress by Duromed is a reusable gel compress made of non-toxic silica gel. It allows the gel to remain flexible when frozen to conform to most areas of the body.

o2 Analyzer

Oxygen analyzers measure oxygen levels in an environment. They help improve safety by measuring how much oxygen is present in stacks. They also help improve efficiency by measuring the oxygen content of inert gases.


Otoscopes use beams of light to see inside the ear canal. Otoscopes are used to examine the condition of the eardrum and the problem areas of the ear. A doctor may be able to diagnose problems like an earache, the feeling of something in the ear, or hearing loss.

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are medical devices used to give people extra oxygen. Doctors may prescribe them for patients who have conditions that cause their oxygen levels to drop too low.

Oxygen Cylinder Tanks

Oxygen cylinders contain oxygen under high pressure, and the pressure indicator slowly decreases as the cylinder is depleted until it reaches zero. Full-sized E cylinders hold 680 litres of gas. The labels confirm the amount of oxygen contained within them.

Oxygen Conservers

Oxygen conservers regulate how much oxygen flows into the body. Fixed pulse and demand pulse oxygen tanks deliver oxygen into the lungs as needed.

Oxygen Regulators

An oxygen regulator releases oxygen continuously in LPM. Oxygen conserver regulates the flow of oxygen from the portable cylinder of compressed oxygen by releasing the compressed oxygen in a controlled manner.

Oxygen Tubing Mask

An oxygen mask covers the nose and mouth of someone who needs breathing assistance. A full-face mask completely covers the person’s face, but may restrict vision. Both types of masks come in different sizes.

Pediatric Bulb Aspirator Syringe

A bulb syringe is used to clear an infant’s mouth or nose of a fluid, such as milk, formula, or mucus. To do this, squeeze the bulb until the fluid comes out of the end of the needle. The bulb syringe helps babies who have trouble breathing or eating because their noses are congested.