Diabetic Supplies, Heat Therapy, Diagnostic & Respiratory Products

Northwest Medical Supplies provides a large variety of diabetic supplies, urinals, diagnostic products, including diabetic shoes, inserts, and stockings, glucometers and strips, pulse oximeter systems, blood pressure monitors, suction pumps, TENS units, electrode pads, in many styles and brands from various manufacturers. Our diabetic shoes include ACOR, DRZEN, DR COMFORT, PEDLITE, JUSTIN BLAIRS, and assorted brands. The shoes are custom fitted by our experts. These pulse oximeters come in a variety of formats to suit a wide range of needs including, table top, handheld and fingertip. We carry automatic, semi-automatic and manual blood pressure monitor systems by SmartRead and Mabis (some with digital monitors, some can even say the results) that can be used on the arm or the wrist, stethoscopes in a large variety, sphygmomanometers / blood pressure monitors, laryngoscopes, otoscopes, diagnostic kits and much more.

A complete line of replacement parts for most of these items are also available. Please feel free to call our friendly customer service at 219-663-4900 for any assistance you may need.


Heavy Soles Diabetic Socks


Pressure Kit

Self-taking Home Blood

KOOLpress Therapy

Electric Heat Pads

Air Purifier

Aspirator Parts (Schuco Model 130)

Aspirator Parts (Schuco Model S-130)


Bemis Suction Canisters




O2 Analyzers

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Conservers/Valves

Oxygen Regulators

Oxygen Tanks/Accessories

Oxygen Tubing, Masks and Cannulas

Pediatric Bulb

Suction Machines


Pulse Oximeters