Incontinence and Under Pads

Our Incontinence & Urinary/Urological Products include Pads & Liners, Underpads, Panty Liners, Diapers, Under Garments, Disposable Wipes, Deodorizers, Incontinence Disinfecting Cleaners, Bed Wetting Alarms, Protective Underwear and Briefs, External Catheters, Foley Catheters, Insertion Trays, Texas Catheters, Intermittent Catheters, Male & Female Urinals, Lubricants, Drainage Bags, Leg Bags.

Muire-Style Male Urinal

For men who suffer bladder leakage or urinary incontinence, this urinal can give you the freedom to get out for longer periods.
Provides an alternative to pads or protective briefs.
The elastic waistband provides a comfortable, secure fit. The entire unit is washable and reusable.

Snap-On Style Incontinent Pants

Snap-on style large incontinent pants are made for people who need to use pads or diaper during night time. These provide protection from leakage. Elastic waist and leg bands are comfortable to wear, and help prevent leaks as well.