Mobility Aids (Walkers, Rollators, Canes & Crutches)

Northwest Medical Supplies features a complete line of mobility aids and ambulatory products to assist the elderly, handicapped, or disabled when daily chores and normal functioning become a challenge. You can select from our extensive selection of medical equipment such as wheeled and standard walkers, walker platforms, rollators, folding and straight canes, wide and small base quad canes, off-set canes, knee braces and immobilizers, air walkers, etc. Please check out our other website here under “other products” for details on our line of walkers and other mobility aids.

Folding Power Wheelchair

A super light and aluminum alloy frame, this compact folding electric wheelchair is soft and very comfy for disabled people.

Hardwood Canes Crutches

Made from select hardwoods, this solid wood cane has a diameter shaft for strength and durability, a decorative handle, a large bend for hand comfort, and multiple color options.

Cane Seat

It folds easily for portability, has a soft and comfortable texture, absorbs sweat well, is easy to clean, holds hands firmly, and is safe.

Folding Canes

​​Lightweight and adjustable in height, folding canes can be adjusted from 34” to 38”. It is made from durable aluminum, which makes it lightweight but strong and sturdy enough to sustain up to 250 lbs weight limit.

4-wheel scooter

This features a powerful drivetrain and large 13″ wheels to handle rugged outdoor terrain. Luxury touches like a wraparound delta tiller, low profile, non-marking tires and a full lighting package with directional signals, combine seamlessly with the Pursuit’s sleek, sporty look.

4-Wheel Rollators

Heavy Duty type, weight capacity of 400 lbs 8″ x 1″ solid wheels Comfortable large seat Wire basket Loop brakes are ideal for slowdown and permanent stop Colors available, Red or Blue.

3 Wheel rollator

This modern and stylish three wheel rollator is perfect for helping you get around, whether you’re at home or outside. The rollator folds down so you can easily store and transport it. With a light and durable steel frame, anatomically-designed hand grips, arthritic friendly loop cable brakes and height adjustable handles you will have an amazing aid for walking whether you’re young or older.

3-wheel Scooter

With speeds up to 14 mph and 400 lb. weight capacity, a three-wheel Scooter is a perfect scooter for anyone and everyone. Travel greater distances with a per charge range of up to 31 miles and experience a smoother ride over varied terrain with front and rear suspension.

T Handle Canes

A T-handle cane offers an easier grip than a traditional cane. It helps people with arthritis and those who just want a smaller handle.

2 Button Walker

Large enough for up to 500 pounds, our oversized two-button walker has a wide and deep frame design for added strength and minimal weight. It includes precision design features which provide additional strength without adding unnecessary weight.

Specialty Walkers

Standard walkers and rollators may be enough for most people, but if you’re in need of a rehab walker, a fitness walker or any kind of specialized walking device, specialty walkers is the right choice for you.

Standard Wheelchair

A standard wheelchair offers flexibility, high performance and provides an enhanced experience for the user. It is durable, easy to maintain, and enhances functionality and positioning.

Rollator Basket

This basket is ideal if you use a rollator. It easily attaches to the outside or inside frame of the rollator with two convenient snaps. Supports up to five pounds!

Reclining Wheelchair

Ideal for use at homes, hospitals, hospices, and clinics, this recliner chair comes with chrome steel frame and leather upholstery. It has headrest extension with cushioned head immobilizer, removable armrest, movable footrest with elevating padded legrest, fully reclining backrest with pullable loop handle, and adjustable lumbar support.

Quad Cane, Small Base

A four point base with an offset handle provides extra stability and support. It’s easy to adjust the height of the stand using one button locking mechanism. The soft, smooth rubber handles are easily cleaned and won’t scratch floors. It comes in attractive, durable, and non-chop chrome finishes. It has a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds.

Quad Cane, Large Base

It has four points at its base, which provide extra stability. It also features an easy-to-use locking bolt for adjusting the height of the handle. The soft, smooth rubber handle is easily cleaned.

Power Chairs

Power wheelchairs are smaller in size than mobility scooters. They’re much more maneuverable and are much better suited for indoor use.

Posterior Posture Walker

Posterior walkers support the client by helping them stand up straighter and promoting trunk extension. Physical therapists usually prefer posterior walkers for children with neurological, orthopedic, and developmental disabilities.

Palm Grip Cane

An ergonomic walking cane, this is a special type of walking cane designed to provide comfort and support. It features a unique shape that comfortably fits your hand and evenly distributes your body weight along its length so you don’t feel any strain.

Ortho K Grip Cane

Contoured ergonomic design fits the user’s wrist and helps reduce stress on the user’s hands and joints. It can be adjusted either for left or right-handed use. Made with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing.

Offset Canes

A cane that has a special handle designed to make it easier for it to carry weight and for the user’s hand to grip. Some offset canes have ergonomic grips, or even contoured grips to ensure ease of use.

One Button Walkers

A single-button release allows for quick, one-handed folding. The cross brace is located next to the hand grips so you can fold it down when using the bike for commuting. It has sturdy 1” diameter anodized extrusions so it won’t wear out quickly. And the vinyl-contoured hand grip keeps your hands comfortable during long rides.

Transport Wheelchairs

Using smaller wheels and lighter materials, transport wheelchairs can weigh as little as 14.9 pounds. They’re more affordable than traditional models and give you added mobility without breaking the bank.

Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs

Lightweight manual wheelchairs are extremely flexible, versatile, and easy to push. They provide excellent performance, durability, and maneuverability.

Walker Wheels

Made from a durable urethane material, these replacement wheels are designed with bearings to ensure smooth and even rotation. Center holes allow for a safe and secure fit.

Travel Ease Commuter Folding Wheelchair

The Travel-Ease folding electric mobility scooter has the classic look of manual wheelchairs but with the speed and comfort of a traditional power wheelchair; it can be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

Blind Canes

With its solid aluminum construction, this sturdy walking cane helps you maintain balance, increase the range of your mobility, and provide peace of mind knowing that it’s always nearby when you need support.

Round Handle Canes

With a classic curved smooth & rounded handle that easily hooks onto arm chair rails or over your arm, this sturdy wooden cane complements any style and lends support for you when you need it.

Free Spirit Knee and Leg Walker