Service Repair and Replacement Parts

Northwest Medical Supplies provides repair services and parts replacement. These include all the parts for your wheelchair you could possibly need to replace. Wheelchair armrests, calf pads and upholstery are available in multiple colors. Complete Wheels assembly and broken down wheels into their separate parts with low prices are available in order to save you money! Some parts are also provided in form of additional accessory. If your wheelchair does not have armrests or footrests and you would like to add them, you are at the right place! Assembly and attachment of most accessories is quick and simple. Wheelchair maintenance is also very important. This is why at Northwest Medical Supplies we offer a full line of OEM wheelchair replacement parts and wheelchair repair parts. Everything from wheelchair leg rests, wheelchair armrests, and wheelchair footrests, to wheelchair tires, wheelchair upholstery, and wheelchair hardware. Please call our Customer service at 219-663-4900 and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to help you.

Wheelchair Bearings

Wheelchair Bearing Assembles

Wheelchair Button Locks

Wheelchair Grips

Wheelchair Caps

Wheelchair Rail Glides

Wheelchair Skirt Guard

Detachable Wheelchair Arms

Wheelchair Armrests

Wheelchair Upholstery

Wheelchair Upholstery Hardware

Wheelchair Brakes

Wheelchair Brake Extensions

Wheelchair Handrims

Wheelchair Axles

Wheelchair Bolts

Wheelchair Nuts

Wheelchair Tires

Wheelchair Tires Pneumatic

Wheelchair Tires Polyfoam Filled

Wheelchair Heel Loops

Wheelchair Calf Pads