Wheelchairs and Transport Chairs

Manual wheelchairs, wheelchair accessories, and wheelchair parts. At Northwest Medical Supplies, we provide wheelchairs based on individual needs.

Reclining Wheelchair

The recliner wheelchair transforms the user from a sitting to a near lying down position. This change of position reduces pressure off the buttocks and allows the patient to rest comfortably.

Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs

Ultralight manual wheelchairs use a unique, innovative, rigidizing double X-folding frame that delivers the flexibility and performance of a rigid wheelchair while folding to width (9 inches).

Transport Wheelchairs

Transporters wheelchairs are compact and lightweight; they have four small wheels, one in the front and three in the back, which makes them easily maneuvered and transported. They fit easily into cars, vans, and SUVs.

Standard Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are relatively lightweight and commonly used in today’s market. They have a seat width and a seat depth between 16 and 20″ and come with fixed or removable armrests.

Fleece Covered Coccyx Foam Seat Cushions

Coccyx Foam Seat Cushions

Elevating Foam Bed Wedges

Fleece Gel Encased in Foam Cushion

Gel Encased in Foam Cushion

Protekt® Aire Geri-Chair