Personal Care & Aids to Daily Living

Northwest Medical Supplies carries a large selection of Personal Care and Aids to help with your everyday living. Aids for Daily Living are adaptive devices designed to assist people with various disabilities in everyday activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, cooking, reading/writing and leisure activities. Our large selection of medical products come from AliMed, Sammon Prestons, Apex Medical, Graham Field, Essential Medical, Conair, ConvaTec, Health Enterprises, Hardwood Products, HoMedics, Invacare Supply Group, Medport, Mediven, Sigvaris, Jobst, and many more reputable medical manufacturers.

We provide equipment that has been especially designed or adapted to assist people who have physical disabilities to bathe, shave, dress, brush their teeth, comb their hair, prepare their meals, eat, drink, clean their homes and perform other daily tasks. Others include specialized one that can be arranged and ordered through our product manufacturers tailored to your special needs.

Our Incontinence & Urinary/Urological Products include Pads & Liners, Underpads, Panty Liners, Diapers, Under Garments, Disposable Wipes, Deodorizers, Incontinence Disinfecting Cleaners, Bed Wetting Alarms, Protective Underwear and Briefs, External Catheters, Foley Catheters, Insertion Trays, Texas Catheters, Intermittent Catheters, Male & Female Urinals, Lubricants, Drainage Bags, Leg Bags.

Please consider our line of compression stockings – ranging from Sigvaris, Mediven, Jobst, Truelife, Activa etc. Our trained staff will always measure and provide you with one prescribed or suitable to your need. New items are added all the time, please call if there is an item you are looking for and cannot find. Please call, our customer service at 219-663-4900 is always ready to help.

Male Urinal

The male urinal is ergonomically designed to be used in bed or to collect samples. Each urinal includes a cap which can be tightly sealed for transportation. Molded design prevents collapse when in use and will hold for multiple uses. Each urinal will hold up to 1 quart and included measurements on the side.

Female Urinal

Anatomically Correct for Female Users -Boxed for Easy Display -Packed One (1) Per Box

Personal Hygiene Wipe

The Personal Hygiene Wipe is an easy to use extender for personal hygiene. The ergonomically designed shaft extends your reach over 12 inches to get to hard to reach areas. Toilet paper and pre-moistened wipes are easy and securely applied with simple two step locking feature. The wipe features an easy to release button to discard paper after each use. 

Standard Gait Belts with Metal Buckle

Essential Medical Gait Belt is designed users that are having trouble ambulating and need caregiver support. Gait belts are made of heavy duty cotton blend to provide a secure hand hold for therapists and caregivers. Metal buckle provides a secure fit for user and includes an adjustment point.

Everyday Essentials Cleansing Body Puff

The Cleansing Body Puff includes a soft loofah gently exfoliates the skin while offering superior cleaning. Features an extra long handle allows you to get to hard to reach areas on the back or lower legs. Attractive blue color looks great in the shower or bath. Hanging rope keeps the loofah off the floor and clean.

Everyday Essentials Shampoo Basin

Deluxe Shampoo Basin is designed for comfortable and convenient hair cleaning while laying down. The inflatable basin is made of heavy-duty vinyl with long attached drain hose. Extra large size 24″ x 28″ x 6″ designed to fit all users.

Arm Cast Protector

Reusable long plastic cast and bandage protector with a 6” diameter. Plastic ring and diaphragm create a tight seal that prevents water from entering inside. Keeps water from casts or bandages when showering or bathing. Latex free. Available in 3 Sizes.

Leg Cast Protector

Reusable long plastic cast and bandage protector. Plastic ring and diaphragm create a tight seal that prevents water from entering inside. Keeps water from casts or bandages when showering or bathing. Latex free. Available in 4 Sizes.

Folding Reacher 32 inches

The 32 in. Folding Reacher has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight and safe with no sharp edges. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its jaw that rotates 360 degrees and patented trigger that multiplies gripping strength.

Contoured Cervical Collar

Made of soft, polyurethane foam. One size fits most. Velcro tabs for easy secure and closure. Provides comfortable neck support and reduces head and cervical vertebrae movement. Promotes proper healing while preventing additional injury. Ribbed stockinette cover promotes air circulation, reduces perspiration and heat build up. Extra stockinette cover is removable for easy cleaning. Comes in 3 different sizes for an ideal fit: 2.5″, 3.25″ and 4″

Dragon Reacher 24 inches

The Nova 24 in. Dragon Reacher can retrieve dropped or hard to reach items that weigh as much as 2.5 pounds. It has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight and safe with no sharp edges. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its jaw that rotates 360 degrees and patented trigger that multiplies gripping strength. The magnetic tip on the jaws of the reacher is perfect for picking up small metal objects, and a hook aids in activities such as picking up keys, shutting doors, or pulling items closer.

Dragon Reacher 32 inches

The Nova 32 in. Dragon Reacher can retrieve dropped or hard to reach items that weigh as much as 2.5 pounds. It has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight and safe with no sharp edges. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its jaw that rotates 360 degrees and patented trigger that multiplies gripping strength. The magnetic tip on the jaws of the reacher is perfect for picking up small metal objects, and a hook aids in activities such as picking up keys, shutting doors, or pulling items closer.

32” Elastic Shoelaces, Black

The 32″ Elastic Shoelaces allow laced shoes to be slipped on and off easily. The shoelaces transform athletic shoes into easy to wear slip-on shoes.

32” Elastic Shoelaces, White

The 32″ Elastic Shoelaces allow laced shoes to be slipped on and off easily. The shoelaces transform athletic shoes into easy to wear slip-on shoes.

Metal Shoe Horn

Our 24” long Metal Shoe Horn does the job so easily and effortlessly. Step in and go onward! The smooth steel construction prevents snagging, easily slides shoes on and off, and is built to last. The extra-long handle helps relieve straining and bending over. The non-slip comfortable grip comes complete with a strap.

Shoe Horn

The Shoe Horn helps with bending over and guiding feet into footwear and is 24 inches long.

The Leg Lifter

The Leg Lifter helps so much with that first and vital step – to get you going and on your way. It is great for getting out of chairs, cars, and beds. The rigid foot loop can be shaped to your foot or shoe size and the hand hold is flexible and easy to grasp.

Bath Sponge with Deluxe Long Handle

The Bath Sponge with Deluxe Long Handle assists with washing hard-to-reach areas and flexes to the contours of the body. The bath sponge is 24 inches long.

Sock Aid

The Sock Aid makes putting socks on easier and has long straps for easy assistance. The Sock Aid has a nylon inner lining reduces friction on the foot.

Plastic Sock Aid

The Plastic Sock Aid assists in the process of putting on socks. It helps in the recovery from back, hip and knee surgery because it allows for less bending.

Deluxe Hip Kit (Complete)

The Deluxe Hip Kit aids in recovering from hip, back, or knee surgery. The Hip Kit includes seven items: a dressing stick, shoe horn, sock aid, bath sponge with deluxe long handle, a 32″ dragon reacher, and two pairs of 32″ elastic shoelaces.

Dressing Stick

The Dressing Stick assists with dressing and undressing and is 27 inches long.

All Purpose Stools

Stool features a padded seat and back for added comfort. Angled seat makes sitting on/getting off easy. Manufactured with chrome-plated steel for an attractive, durable finish . Comes with removable arm supports with adjustable width for added safety & comfort.

Heating Pads

Includes a 3-layer Moisture-Plus cover. Hotter and more effective than most other heating pads. Produces intense moist heat without adding water. Relieves fatigue & joint pain promotes blood circulation and temporarily alleviates arthritis pain.

With no more struggling with pain as the result of faulty heat pads which provide inconsistent heat. This heat pad gives you the heat therapy you want. It’s With this heated cushion, you no longer struggle with pain caused by faulty heat pads that provide uneven heat. You get the comfort and therapeutic benefits of using a heated pillow without having to worry about uneven heat.

Utility Carts

This versatile cart is perfect for holding household supplies such as cleaning products, trash bags, paper towels, laundry detergent, soap, and more! Made of heavy-duty metal, this cart also features two shelves, a tub compartment, and swivel casters.

Transfer Boards

A patient transfer board is used to move a person from bed to wheelchair or commode. Low friction allows them to slide quickly and easily.

Helps aid safe patient transfer from a wheelchair, bed, chair or commode. Rounded corners, tapered ends and a smooth finish provide an easy patient transfer. Two open hand cutouts provide easy gripping.

Exercise Peddlers

Ideal for leg and arm muscle exercising. Four anti-slip rubber pads prevent sliding and protect surfaces. Resistance easily adjusted with tension screw. Button cell battery included. Completely assembled.

McGuire-Style Male Urinal

For men who suffer bladder leakage or urinary incontinence, this urinal can give you the freedom to get out for longer periods.
Provides an alternative to pads or protective briefs.
The elastic waistband provides a comfortable, secure fit. Entire unit is washable and reusable.

Rubber Replacement Sheath

Additional or replacement sheath for the DMI Men’s Urinal (541-7752-0000, sold separately). One size fits most and reusable. Washable with soap and water; allow to air dry. Made of rubber; contains latex.

A Rubber replacement sheath is to be used when using a male urinal. This product is reusable and washable with soap & water. The rubber is made of latex so it fits most people.

Heating Pad 12"x15"

PVC heating pad with polyester cloth cover * Relieves fatigue & joint pain, promotes blood circulation, and temporarily alleviates arthritis pain * 50W, 120V AC * Dimensions : 12 inches x 15 inches * 4 heat settings: Warm, Low, Medium, & High * 40 minute auto shut-off function * Electronic controller * Overheating protection * Power cord length: 9 ft * Polyester fabric cover removable and machine washable *

Assist Poles

A longer version of the SuperPole with a floor to ceiling range from 121”-140”.
Weight Capacity: 300lbs


Dressing is an essential element of standard wound care. The main purpose of wound dressing is to provide a temporary protective physical barrier, absorb wound drainage, and provide the moisture necessary to optimize re-epithelialization.

Instant Heat Compress

Heat therapy and pain relief are both effective treatments for dilating blood vessels. Muscle aches and pains and stiff joints are effectively treated by this pack. This pack remains warm for about 40 minutes. It is single use and easy to dispose of.

Female Urinal

Portable female urinal bottle with contoured handle keep handy at bedside to alleviate middle of the night bathroom trips. Contoured handle provides maximum control and makes urinal easy to use for kids and adults shatter-resistant, lightweight, molded plastic offers great durability and prevents leakage cleans easily with standard household cleaners.

Male Urinal with Cover

Male urinal with clip on lid that stays in place when in use. 1 litre capacity. Moulded plastic construction with integrated handle. Autoclave friendly for sanitising.

Adult male urinal bottles are anatomically designed. They’re comfortable and easy to use. Their wide spout makes them ideal when you’re standing, sitting or lying. The 1000-milliliter capacity is more than enough to replace your urine. Male urinals feature secure caps to prevent leaks.


The roomy sleeves and back ties assist in preserving the modesty of its wearer and, at the same time, is really easy to wear and change. The fabric blend of cotton and polyester is gentler and softer when compared with general hospital gowns which are made from basic cotton blends.

A hospital gown is a piece of clothing that is used for covering the patient during treatment. It is made of cotton and has an opening at the back for easier access to whatever part of the patient is being treated.

Rubber Water Bottles

Use for heat or cold therapy. It
helps promote healing; soothes muscle aches and menstrual cramps.
Made of durable natural rubber; contains latex
Large 2-quart capacity
Ribbed surface.

Rubber bottles are made of natural rubber. It retains heat for an extra long period of time and can be used to treat sore muscles, stress and aches. It also doubles up as a cold compress to reduce swelling for minor injures.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are containers that are used to hold water, liquids, or other beverages for consumption and transport. It allows individuals to drink and transport a liquid from one location to another.

18″ Inflatable Rubber Cushion

We love the 18” diameter Inflatable Rubber Cushion because it conforms to your body contours and provides convenient comfort wherever you are – at work, home or in your car.

Ice Bags

A must-have item for injuries, pain relief, muscular aches, first aid, etc. To use cold therapy, just fill the ice bag two-thirds full with ice and water. To use heat therapy, add hot tap water (not boiling).

Reusable ice bag is great for icing injuries or reducing pain and swelling. Stays cold a long time, much longer than gel packs, ice packs or cold packs.
Excellent for headaches, toothaches, backaches, knee pain and more.
Natural rubber molds to your body contours; contains latex.

Wedges and Positioners

Helps reduce back pain by elevating knees. Also helps improve circulation in legs. Made of high density foam. Washable removable cover.

Pillows can be used to provide support and relief to people suffering from neck problems, back pain, leg problems, and even acid reflux. A wedge pillow system provides comfort and support to people recovering from surgery or illnesses. This product could make an excellent gift for someone who needs some extra support during their recovery.

Dri Sleeper Wetness Alert Device

Dri Sleepers Wetness Alert Device helps people learn to suppress their urge to urinate at night. It attaches to clothes with a hook and loop fastener. A wetness sensor cable connects the device to the sensor pad inside the underwear.

Self-wipe Bathroom Toilet Aid

Works with toilet paper or pre-moistened wipes. Extends the users reach more than 12 inches. Features easy release button. Easy to clean and wipe down.

Self-Wipe Toilet Aid is an excellent bathroom aid that helps people who suffer from pain or discomfort to wipe after defecating and urinating. This product is manufactured by Maddak.

Adult Short Leg Cast and Bandage Protector

This waterproof cast protector allows you to shower or bathe without having your cast get wet. It creates a tight fit so that it stays in place, even when you move around. The fabric is durable.

Plastic Molded Hair Rinser

Designed for comfortable and convenient hair cleaning while laying down. Inflatable with heavy-duty vinyl with two air chambers for extra comfort. Long attached drainage hose for easy clean-up.

Hair rinsers are great for people who need to stay in bed or aren’t mobile enough to move around. This tool is very comfortable to use since there is neck support and it is also lightweight.

Portable Bidet/Sitz Bath Polybag

Use for treatment of Hemorrhoids and other Anal/Genital Problems.
Mad of medical grade plastic.
Fits any standard commode or toilet.

Plastic Shoehorn

18″ long. Hook at one end to position shoes. Hanging loop for storage

Molded Sock Aid with Foam Handles

Helps the user put on socks and stockings without bending. Molded plastic design makes it easy to apply socks or stocking over it and foam slip resistant pad holds it in place. Designed to be used with any size sock or stocking. Soft foam handles with rope make it comfortable and secure to put on stockings

Plastic Handle Button

Stainless steel hook at one to help pull buttons through hole. “C” hook allows the user to easily pull zipper up or down. Designed for users with limited hand dexterity include arthritis. Made with a heavy duty, easy to grip plastic shaft

Assist Reacher

Assist Reacher is an innovative device that provides extra reach to people who need it most. Its lightweight yet sturdy design makes it easy to use.


This large bedpan is made to be both comfortable and durable. Smooth, contoured edges make it easy to use when male or female patients need to pee or access the potty. It works just as well for kids as it does for adults! Don’t settle for cheap plastic products that aren’t medically safe when you can have this quality item.

Portable Bidet Sitz Bath, Polybag

A portable bidet sitz bath provides a wide, contoured edge for maximum comfort and support. It fits standard-sized toilets and commodes and is easy to clean.

Inflatable Rings

A ring cushion provides comfortable support and reduces pressure on your back and tailbone. It is ideal after childbirth, for hemorrhoids, or for people who suffer from lower back pain. This product is great for home, car, offices, and special events. It is easy to inflate using a bicycle-style pump.

Jevity 1.2 Cal

Jevity JEVITY 1.2 CAL is a nutritional supplement designed for patients who are unable to eat due to illness or surgery. It is fortified with fiber and nutrients necessary for long or short term tube feeding. It may also be used for oral feeding when a patient has an altered taste perception.

Glucerna 1.5 Cal

Portable toilets for women are specially made to fit the female anatomy, and they’re easy to use. They won’t leak when used properly. GLUCERNA® 1.5 CAL is an energy-dense formula that contains CARBSTEADY® (including low-glycemic carbohydrates), which helps minimize blood sugar responses. It is designed for use by people who need extra calories during tube or oral feeding, or when they cannot tolerate carbohydrate-rich foods due to their diabetes or abnormal blood sugar response.


Donut Cushion with Gel Insert and Fleece Cover - 18" x 16" x 4"

Rubber Ice Pack

Patient Covers

Anatomic Knee Separators

Reusable Gown

Elevating Foam Knee Rest

Wedge Seating Cushions for Sitting Back in the Chair

Rehab 1 Foam Seat Cushions

Foam Cervical Roll

Fleece Covered Foam Seat Cushions

Personal Care